Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Related to ADHD Coaching:

  • When/where are coach-client meetings held?  The coach and client decide together on meeting times and places. Sometimes the coach and client will choose to communicate primarily through emails, text messages and/or phone calls; at other times, they may choose to include face-to-face meetings on a routine basis.
  • Who will provide my ADHD coaching services?  Dr. Coffman, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Dehili were trained in ADHD Coaching at Florida State University‚Äôs Adult Learning Evaluation Center (ALEC). As doctoral students at FSU, they were supervised by faculty members who were instrumental in the development of ADHD Coaching protocols.  They participated in the refinement of the coaching protocols.
  • What would a common ADHD Coaching package look like?  The most common ADHD coaching package is an eight-week program. This includes weekly face-to- face meetings, text messages, emails, and/or phone calls. For clients needing more, or less, intensive services, a different course of treatment may be recommended.

Questions Related to Other Treatment Options:

  • Do you offer traditional, long-term psychotherapy for diagnoses such as depression or anxiety?  Both short-term and long-term therapy services are offered for a range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.  The topics addressed in therapy are limitless.  The treatment modalities utilized in therapy and length of treatment depend on the client's individual needs.  Currently, therapy services are usually provided by either a Licensed Psychologist or a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Shoreline Psychological Services.
  • Do you offer tele-health (i.e., video therapy sessions)? Yes, video therapy sessions are available for clients residing in the State of Florida.  An initial assessment in person will be required to determine the appropriateness of tele-health services, to discuss related procedures, and to complete tele-health paperwork.