A range of evaluations are available, including ADHD, Autism, Learning Disorder, Gifted/Talented students, Neuropsychological, Dementia, and Trans Health.

Available starting at age two and a half to older adulthood.

Spanish evaluations available upon request

Assessment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) involves completion of a combination of psychological performance-based tasks and self-report measures. An extensive interview will be conducted, and  a screening of cognitive and educational abilities  administered. This process identifies the presence of inattention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity that may be adversely affecting academic,    occupational, or social functioning.        Dr. Coffman’s dissertation was directly related to the diagnosis and evaluation of ADHD, and her research in this area has been published.

Because a diagnosis of ADHD requires documentation of difficulties in childhood/adolescence, it is important that you gather any relevant information such as report cards, prior evaluations, or high school transcripts.


Learning Disorders
This type of evaluation consists of taking tests that were specifically developed for identifying problems in  learning. The tests were designed to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your ability to problem-solve novel tasks, answer questions related to basic reading, writing and math skills, and processing information.

No preparation on your part is needed for the evaluation. The diagnosis of learning disabilities is determined by a particular pattern of scores, rather than by an overall deficit in academic performance.